Survivor Team Building Event - Conquer the Challenge Together

Looking for a team building experience that will challenge and inspire your team? Look no further than Survivor Team Building! Teams will compete in a series of challenges that test their physical and mental strength, as well as their ability to work together as a team. Survivor Team Building is a great way to build trust, communication, and collaboration skills.

Discover the ultimate corporate adventure with our Survivor team building event. Engage in outdoor team building activities, wilderness survival challenges, and leadership development programs. Strengthen teamwork, cohesion, and camaraderie through thrilling adventures.



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Survivor Team Building   Team Building with Corporate Survivor  Survivor Team Building Event

Corporate Survivor Team Building Event.....

What does our Survivor Team Building consist of.

Our Survivor team building event is a high-energy experience that pushes your team to its limits. Participants engage in a series of thrilling team building challenges and outdoor activities, designed to foster teamwork, enhance leadership skills, and promote camaraderie. From wilderness survival team building to adrenaline-pumping group adventure activities, you'll face a wide range of tasks that demand effective teamwork and problem-solving.

Perfect for Corporate Retreats and Team Cohesion

Our Survivor Team Building Event is tailored for corporate retreats and enhancing team cohesion. It's ideal for organizations seeking to boost team morale, improve group dynamics, and develop leadership skills within their teams. Whether you're planning a corporate retreat, a team-building workshop, or simply looking for thrilling team adventure challenges, our Survivor event is the perfect choice.

Join us today for an adventure that promises not only to be thrilling but also transformative for your team. Conquer challenges, build lasting bonds, and emerge from the Survivor team building event stronger and more united than ever before.

What does Survivor team building consist of? Survivor team building is a series of challenges that are designed to test the communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills of your team. Challenges may include physical challenges, such as obstacle courses and puzzles, as well as mental challenges, such as trivia and strategy games. 

Some examples of Survivor team building activities include:

  1.  Blindfolded maze challenge: Teams must work together to navigate a blindfolded maze.

  2. Fire-making challenge: Teams must start a fire using only primitive tools.

  3. Water balloon toss challenge: Teams must toss water balloons back and forth without breaking them.

  4. Puzzle challenge: Teams must work together to solve a complex puzzle.

  5. Survivor trivia challenge: Teams must answer trivia questions about the Survivor TV show.


EVENT INFO: Great for Team Bonding, Communication & Problem Solving, Goal setting and Trust

VENUE: Outdoors Only

GROUP SIZE: 20 - 100

TIME NEEDED: 2 to 3 Hours (Group Size Dependant)

ACTIVITIY LEVEL: Light Strenous is suited for all fitness levels - Challenge Dependant

What can you Expect:

Expect an immersive adventure where your team will tackle teamwork challenges head-on. Our Survivor event is the perfect opportunity to enhance leadership skills, build trust, and strengthen group dynamics. Participants will bond through camaraderie-building activities and engage in team-building games that encourage creative problem-solving. Be prepared to step out of your comfort zone and discover new aspects of your team members' capabilities.

Join us today for an adventure that promises not only to be thrilling but also transformative for your team. Conquer challenges, build lasting bonds, and emerge from the Survivor team building event stronger and more united than ever before.




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