SA Teambuilding - Silver Team Building Packages in Pretoria & Johannesburg

Level Up Team Building Solutions with 3 Team Building Packages

Our Silver Package is a crowd favorite among businesses and organizations seeking an engaging team-building experience in Pretoria, Johannesburg, and beyond. Designed to foster teamwork and communication, this package offers a variety of exciting activities tailored to suit your group's preferences and objectives. With competitive pricing and a range of included features, the Silver Package delivers an unforgettable team-building event that leaves a lasting impression.


Silver Package: Our Most Popular Option 


What does Gold Team Building Package Consist Of......

Our Silver Package offers an engaging team building experience and more designed to foster collaboration and teamwork. With the full-day option, your team will embark on a memorable journey through three exciting events, ensuring ample time for skill development and relationship building. For those seeking a more compact adventure, our half-day package includes two dynamic events that pack a punch in a shorter timeframe. Whichever option you choose, you can expect a day filled with challenges, laughter, and valuable lessons that will strengthen your team's bonds and boost productivity. Elevate your team's potential with our Silver Package and create lasting memories together.




We would provide you with a list of Team Building Events and you choose which ones you would like to do

 Gold Package    Platinum Package


The Silver Package Includes:
  1. Choice of pre defined team building events

  2. Half Day or Full Day Packages available

  3. Includes all Team Building Equipment to run the event

  4. Team Colored Bandanas

  5. Large Sound System for music and announcements

  6. Expert Facilitators to run your event

  7. All our Travel to and from venue

  8. Bottle of Champange for winning Team


What can You Expect:
Lower The Cost  No Expense Spared.

At our company, we take team building to a whole new level with our three distinct and meticulously crafted packages. Each package is a testament to our commitment to excellence, where no expense is spared to ensure an unforgettable experience. We understand that successful team building goes beyond just fun and games; it's about fostering meaningful connections, enhancing collaboration, and achieving tangible results. With our packages, we not only provide premium amenities and top-notch facilitators but also tailor our activities to align with your team's unique goals and objectives. We pride ourselves on adding exceptional value to our clients by going above and beyond to create customized, transformative experiences that leave a lasting impact on your team's dynamics and productivity. With our team building packages, you'll not only have an incredible time but also witness the remarkable growth and cohesion of your team, making it an investment in your company's future success.





Custom team building events to suit your budget, contact us for the best pricing in South Africa!


Some Team Building Idea's

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Wild & Wacky Olympics

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