Experience the joy of your Team coming together and blending the perfect wine from our variety of red and white wines, create and design a label that describes your perfect wine blend as well as your company, Join us for an unforgettable day of wine tasting and blending.


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Wine Blending Team Building is a NEW addition to our range.....

What does our Wine Blending Consist of.

Wine blending as a team building event is a delightful and educational experience that brings colleagues together in a fun and collaborative way. Participants work in teams to create their unique wine blend by combining different grape varieties and learning about the art and science of winemaking. This activity fosters teamwork, communication, and creativity as teams experiment with various blends, taste-test their creations, and ultimately craft a signature wine. It's a perfect way for colleagues to bond, unleash their inner sommeliers, and appreciate the importance of collaboration in achieving a common goal, all while enjoying the rich world of wine.

This Event is Perfect for:

Any Venue Indoors or Outdoors.

Wine Blending options available throughout South Africa.

Wine blending is an exceptional team building activity, ideal for fostering teamwork and collaboration in the vibrant cities of Johannesburg and Pretoria. This engaging team-building event immerses participants in the world of winemaking, where they work together in teams to create a unique wine blend.

Teams are challenged to blend various grape varieties, bringing out their creativity and communication skills as they aim to craft the perfect wine. Through this hands-on experience, colleagues learn the intricate art and science of winemaking while bonding over a shared goal. Wine blending as a team-building activity in Johannesburg and Pretoria promises a memorable and educational experience that strengthens team dynamics and creates lasting memories..

EVENT INFO: Great and Brilliant for Team Bonding, Plenty of Laughs, Indoors and Outdoors

GROUP SIZE: 10 - 200

TIME NEEDED: 2.5 to 3 Hours (Group Size Dependant)

ACTIVITIY LEVEL: Non Strenous and suited for all fitness levels

What can you Expect:

Wine Blending Options.

Their is much option here, we provide your team with all the ingrediants and wine blending tools, all you have to do is arrive and we will take it from there. Team are greeted by our facilitators and before them are tables set with wine blending equipment an assortment of wines and all the crafts needed to design their label for the bottle.

This Event is designed to be a great fun team building experiance where team members get to engage with each other on a social level around a great bottle of wine, it brings laughter and joy as teams taste and test and design their specific wine label and then finally bottle and label their wine as a take away of the days team building event. Join us for this unforgettable Event


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