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Embark on an exciting journey of teamwork and adventure with our thrilling treasure hunt team building activity in Pretoria. Our team building events are designed to foster collaboration and camaraderie among your group while providing an exhilarating experience. Participants will be immersed in a captivating quest, solving clues, and navigating through challenging tasks that encourage communication and problem-solving skills. Whether you're a corporate team looking to enhance workplace cohesion or a group of friends seeking a unique bonding experience, our treasure hunt team building activity promises unforgettable moments of fun and cooperation in the heart of Johannesburg and Pretoria.



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Treasure Hunt Team Building   Treasure Hunt Team Building activity  Team Building treasure hunt

Treasure Hunt Team Building   Treasure Hunt Team Building  Treasure Hunt Team Building Event

Fun Team Building Activities with our Corporate Treasure Hunts.....

What does our Treasure Hunt Consist of.

Our treasure hunt is a dynamic and engaging adventure that combines elements of strategy, exploration, and puzzle-solving. Participants will be divided into teams, each armed with a set of clues, Challenge Books and riddles that lead them on an exciting quest throughout the beautiful landscapes of Pretoria and Johannesburg conference venues and surrounding areas. Teams will work together to decipher the clues, uncover hidden treasures, and complete various challenges that test their creativity and problem-solving abilities. From deciphering cryptic messages to physical challenges that require teamwork, our treasure hunt offers a diverse range of activities to cater to different skill sets and interests. Whether you're deciphering historical mysteries or exploring the natural wonders of Pretoria or Johannesburg, our treasure hunt promises an immersive and rewarding experience that encourages collaboration, communication, and, most importantly, a whole lot of fun.

This Event is Perfect for:

For Outdoors Only.....

Operation Nature Calls, City Slickers, Amazing Race. These are outdoor walking and driving Adventure hunt suitable for a Group size from 10 - 500   

Your group will be divided into teams of up to 10 people. Each team will receive a clue collection bag, knapsack, duffle bag ) containing their challenge sheet - the hunt itself - and various supplies. They will then embark on the hunt, finding the Amazing race clue boxes, taking pictures, obtaining specific items and completing Clues and tasks and a creative project all worth valuable points. At the conclusion of the hunt, the teams will do a final presentation or we “grade” their clue sheets to find the winners based on point total.

TEAM OBJECTIVE: Form an efficient and effective team that communicates well, works by consensus and has a definite plan of action to complete this adventure hunt.


EVENT INFO: Great and Brilliant for Team Bonding, Team Communication, Trust and Goal Setting

VENUE: Outdoors Only

GROUP SIZE: 20 - 500

TIME NEEDED: 2.5 to 3 Hours (Group Size Dependant)

ACTIVITIY LEVEL: Non Strenous and suited for all fitness levels

What can you Expect:

THIS IS WHAT THE TEAMS WILL BE MEASURED ON: 1) Their ability to complete this Adventure hunt by forming a successful, functional team that works by consensus and in which all members participate equally and with enthusiasm. 2) Their communication skills. 3) Their ability to find the hidden strengths in their team members. 4) Their ability to regularly review and evaluate team effectiveness and be willing to take action. 5) Their creative abilities. 6) Their point total.


Adventure hunt challenges are broken down into 3 categories: pictures (about 17), item collection (about 14) and projects.

Collect an unusual, clever or creative item. GPS CAN BE USED
2. Have your most artistic team member collaborate with someone you've never meet to draw a picture on the appropriate page in your team album.
3. Take a picture of 3 of your team members with a construction worker or complete stranger who happens to be drop dead gorgeous (When Nature Calls). You must be in the classic Village People "YMCA" pose.




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