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Keys to Successful Team Work

The team understands the goals

and is committed to attaining them. This clear direction and agreement on mission and purpose is essential for effective team work. This team clarity is reinforced when the organization has clear expectations for the team's work, goals, accountability, and outcomes.

The team creates an environment in which people are comfortable taking reasonable risks in communicating, advocating positions, and taking action. Team members trust each other. Team members are not punished for disagreeing.

Communication is open, honest, and respectful. People feel free to express their thoughts, opinions, and potential solutions to problems. People feel as if they are heard out and listened to by team members who are attempting to understand. Team members ask questions for clarity and spend their thought time listening deeply rather than forming rebuttals while their coworker is speaking.


Team members have a strong sense of belonging to the group. They experience a deep commitment to the group’s decisions and actions. This sense of belonging is enhanced and reinforced when the team spends the time to develop team norms or relationship guidelines together.


Team members are viewed as unique people with irreplaceable experiences, points of view, knowledge, and opinions to contribute. After all, the purpose for forming a team is to take advantage of the differences. Otherwise, why would any organization approach projects, products, or goals with a team. In fact, the more that a team can bring out divergent points of view, that are thoughtfully presented and supported with facts as well as opinions, the better.

Corporate Team Chain Reaction Events....


Team building and the Chain Reaction

Chain Reaction is an energetic and strategic event full of mind-bending challenges that will result in a strong feeling of success and accomplishment for your teams.

In this program, teams will compete against one another to design and assemble their own working “fantastic contraption.” This deliberately engineered apparatus will be designed to perform a very simple task in a very complex fashion (think elaborate chain reaction, or “domino effect”).

This program provides the perfect opportunity to ignite core company values among your team. Participants must communicate seamlessly, troubleshoot their designs, and find a perfect balance between uniqueness, functionality, and attention to detail.  Components must be assembled in just the right way for the individual mechanisms to work. Later the teams must work together to find the correct sequence of mechanisms, so that, once launched each element will trigger the next in a chain reaction building to an explosive finale!

This program was inspired by a Rube Goldberg machine, which is a mechanical device that is continually moving and performs a simple task in a complex way. *Rube Goldberg, an American cartoonist and a Pulitzer Prize winner for political satire in 1948, was the first person to depict these bizarre mechanisms in his drawings, applying his engineering experience, and they still bear his name.

The inspiration has become a real experience: Chain Reaction is a team building devised by SA Teambuilding and already used with great success by companies believing in the project as a stimulus to develop their resources through creative teamwork.


What is included in your Teambuilding?

  • Bandanas
  • MC
  • Facilitation Staff
  • A huge array of materials and equipment
  • Event Set Up and Logistic Management
  • Prizes (Package Dependant)
  • Photos (Package Dependant)
  • Will vary to be customised to the client.


 Group Size
10 - 100

 4 hours

Outdoor location or indoor Location

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